Avengers Athletics Day

Brighton Academy kicked off the summer by introducing a new athletics program for children. On June 16, 2015 the children in Developmental 3B and Developmental 4 participated in Avengers Athletics Day. The purpose of the program is to teach children the importance of staying fit and active by exercising and eating healthy. The children were excited to pretend to be their favorite superhero!

  1. The Athletic Objectives:
    1. Superman Hold
    2. The Hulk- a squat with Hulk arms
    3. Captain America Sit Ups
    4. Spiderman Jumps
  2. Game: Super Hero Tag: Three children are the Super Heroes of their choice. All the other children are the villains. When the villains are caught they go to “jail” where they must do three squats before they are free. The children will rotate being the Super Hero.

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