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Every year Brighton turns its playground into a splash zone for the children. From sprinklers to car washes, the children get so excited to play in the water. Thank you to all of the parents who donated popsicles this year. Water plays days are always the highlight of our summer

Springtime Sensorial Play

Springtime is a great opportunity for us to get our hands dirty and explore the outdoors. Our teachers created a variety of sensorial buckets to allow the children create their own adventures. Each type of sensorial bucket can easily be recreated at home by following our simple instruction.

Cloud dough

4 year olds s.

4 year olds outside play

3B class

3A Sensory

3 year old outside play

These and other great sensory bin ideas can be found at out Pinterest site: Senory Bins


Dinosaur Science Exhibit

A special thank you to Ms. Jennifer, The Imagination Station in Wilson, and PNC Bank for offer such a great program. The children learned about what it means to be a Paleontologist, how fossils are found, and the difference between carnivores and herbivores.


Dinosaur science exhibit

Valentine’s Day Door Design

Brighton’s teachers are both loving and creative. We truly appreciate their enthusiasm and dedication to our school. We regularly post their creative ideas on our Pinterest site https://www.pinterest.com/brightonacademy/

This month we are proud to show case their Valentine’s Décor

Door Design Valentines

lady bug

Preview the rest of their wonderful Valentine’s Day ideas and more at https://www.pinterest.com/brightonacademy/valentines-day-ideas/

Farm Life

Goldsboro is an agricultural community with farms and fields at every corner. The children at Brighton Academy are excited and proud of the opportunities that come with farm life. Our parents enjoy the chance to share their work with the school. We are always thankful for their dedication to farming and love when they share their experiences with the children.

Farm Life