Cooking in the Kitchen – February

Cooking in the Kitchen

Beginning in February our curriculum is expanding to the kitchen! Starting with our 2 year old class, every month the children will engage in a “cooking” activity that relates to the theme and/or any special events/holidays to help reinforce what they have learned. Just like the classrooms, lesson plans can be found posted on the wall beside the door leading into the kitchen. The goals of Cooking in the Kitchen include:

Cognitive Development: Encouraging use of all five senses, sensorial studies, following simple directions.

Math and Science Readiness: Numeration, one-to-one correspondence, counting

Social and Emotional Development: Encouraging social and emotional growth through interactions and activity.

Fine and Gross Motor Readiness: Hand Manipulation, Eye-hand coordination

This month the children learned about Groundhog’s Day and President’s Day. They created a fun snack to reinforce what they learned. The children made a ground hog out of bananas, gum drops, raisins, and a little bit of frosting. For President’s Day they used yogurt and marshmallows to make an American flag in a cup. We would like to thank the parent volunteers who helped with the cooking activities!

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