Fall Harvest

This month’s theme is Fall Harvest (leaves, science, weather, and everything fall) . The children will be learning the letters O, R, H, and G in language. For math, they will be learning the numbers 8, 9, 10, 11, and learning about octagon and square shapes. The colors for the month are orange and black. October has been an exciting month. The children have enjoyed the beautiful fall weather by going on nature walks and soaking up the sunshine. Our 5th Annual Fall Harvest Festival was a big success. Thank you to everyone who donated candy and treats!

Dev. 1

The children in the one year old classroom were overjoyed to have  the opportunity to visit the “big”  playground! They were busy exploring as they went on a nature walk around the playground. They collected fall leaves and twigs and turned them into beautiful nature collages.

Collage 3

Collage 4

Dev. 2

After collecting different leaves on a nature walk, the children were delighted to discover that by rubbing a crayon over the paper, a leaf print would appear! They extended their learning by talking about the different colors of the leaves. They also have been learning how to say orange, red, and brown in Spanish.

Collage 8

Dev. 3A

Every letter makes a sound, G says… The children in Dev. 3A learned what sound the letter G makes. They also learned new words that begin with G. To reinforce what they have learned, then they made G guitars!

Collage 6 Collage 5

Dev. 3B

Dev. 3B learned how water travels through leaves over a period of three days. The children observed how the colored water was moving through the xylem tubes of the leaf. The xylem tubes of plants transport water and minerals up from the roots through the entire plant. (Their thick walls also provide support for the plant.)

Collage 7

 Dev. 4

The children in our four year old classroom had fun playing letter Bingo with a fall twist. They had a lot of fun playing and winning prizes, all while reinforcing their letter recognition. The children were full of excitement as they yelled out BINGO, everyone came out a winner!

Collage 1

Collage 2