Learning About Thanksgiving

Our Dev. 4 class has been busy learning all about Thanksgiving. This week they are learning about Native Americans. To help reinforce what they are learning, they will be doing various arts and crafts. Today they made Native American hand prints. You can recreate the fun at home!


  • Washable Paint (light brown or skin tone, red, yellow, blue, orange)
  • White Construction Paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Markers
  • Googly Eyes



1. Paint each finger (except for the thumb) a different color.


2. Paint the palm of hand using the light brown paint.


3. Gently press hand onto white construction paper.

IMG_6749  IMG_6753  IMG_6736  IMG_6758

4. After paint has dried glue on googly eyes. Then add a headband using brown paint and a mouth using a marker.

IMG_6766  IMG_6760

IMG_6773  IMG_6789