Passport to Travel the World

This month’s theme is Passport to Travel the World. The children will be learning the letters E, F, R, and H in language. For math, they will be learning the numbers 11, 12, 13 and learning about oval and cone shapes. The colors for the month are pink, blue, and yellow.  We would like to thank all the parents who brought treats for Teacher Appreciation week. Muffins for Moms was a hit. We are truly blessed with a great group of mom’s!


Everyday is a new adventure for the children in our infant classroom. They have been learning the signs “finished” and “eat” in sign language. The children have enjoyed listening to new books about different cultures. As always they continue to work on their developmental milestones.

Collage 14 Collage 15

Dev. 1

The ones have been busy celebrating Memorial Day by wearing red, white, and blue to school. They enjoyed a special red, white, and blue picnic!

Collage 3

Dev. 2

The children in Dev. 2 had a ball this month! They enjoyed learning how to kick, bounce, and throw a ball into the goal while giving their gross motor skills a workout.

Collage 2

Collage 4

Dev. 3A

The younger threes have been traveling all over the world. They stopped in Mexico where they made sombrero hats for snack!

Collage 1

Dev. 3B

The children in Dev. 3B were feeling a little buggy while counting ants and singing the ants go marching!

Collage 16 Collage 17

Dev. 4

The children in Dev. 4 have been preparing and working hard for graduation. They are so excited for graduation day to get here, Kindergarten here they come!Collage 13