Program Goals

Children are introduced to a balanced program of interaction with friends in both teacher-directed and child-directed experiences. To help children develop their individuality with self-confident and caring attitudes, our program is designed to assist them in exploring and decision making processes. We stress the process of learning and discovery rather than the product. Children are encouraged to feel good about themselves as a consequence of their own achievements. Our program is designed to address the specific needs of each age and stage in a child’s development. The goals of our curriculum are to help children develop a positive sense of self, to be active and creative explorers, and in the process to become enthusiastic learners. Weekly, teachers plan daily schedules of activities to meet the developmental needs of the children. The prepared environment is organized, with a selection of practical life, sensorial, math, and language materials. Our program addresses goals in all areas of development.


It is our goal to help children feel comfortable at the Academy, to nurture their sense of trust, autonomy, and belonging. We strive to give them daily opportunities to experience pride and self-confidence, to develop independence and self-control, and a positive outlook on life.


Brighton works to foster a child’s ability to ask questions, describe their ideas, make observations and communicate their feelings. It is our goal to help children acquire problem solving skills and develop a love for learning by providing opportunities through which they can explore and investigate, construct and create, pretend and recreate, discover and document.


Our school is designed to help children develop their large and small muscle skills and to feel confident in using them. Each classroom offers age appropriate activities to safely encourage children to learn through movement.