This month’s theme is spring. The children will be learning the letters U, P, T, and B in language. For math, they will be learning the numbers 8, 9, 10 and learning about triangle, circle, and square shapes. The colors for the month are orange and purple.  We would like to thank all the parents who brought treats for the egg hunt and Easter parties. April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. To help raise awareness, we planted our biggest pinwheel garden thus far! We “planted” pinwheels all over our campus and stretched some out towards Cuyler Best Road. In celebration of Earth Day and Arbor Day, we  had our 2nd annual tree planting ceremony and planted flowers on the big playground. This year we planted a dark purple Crepe Myrtle tree.

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The infants have been learning the signs “grandmother” and “grandfather” in sign language. They have also enjoyed spending time outside.  They continue to grow and learn each day!

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Dev. 1

The children in Dev. 1 have been exploring the great outdoors this month. Spring not only made the flowers bloom but also brought out the bugs! The children had a blast going on a “bug” hunt and finding bugs on the playground. They enjoyed learning new songs about insects as well.

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Dev. 2

The children in Dev. 2 have been busy learning about Earth Day. They enjoyed making worms in dirt as a special treat in celebration of Earth Day.

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Dev. 3A

What better way to soak up the sunshine than by taking the classroom lessons outside! The children have been eagerly exploring all the new plant growth on the playground, particularly the dandelions. The teachers took their curiosity and turned it into a teachable moment. The children discussed and learned how the dandelions need sunshine (light) and rain (water) in order to grow. They learned the different parts of a flower: stems, leaves, and pedals. To tie everything together, the children created beautiful dandelion artwork, which was a two day project.

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In science they learned about absorption. Using glue, salt, and food coloring, the children made salt paintings and watched how the colors mixed and absorbed into the salt making a rainbow of colors.

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Dev. 3B

1…2…3 Popcorn! The older threes enjoyed a fun snack and practiced their counting skills with a popcorn math activity. They also did a science experiment using popcorn colonels. They were amazed at how the colonels were dancing in the jar.

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Dev. 4

The children in Developmental 4 had so much fun with the Easter egg hunt. Before the hunt, the children made an estimate of how many eggs they would find. After the egg hunt, each child counted the eggs in their basket. The results were charted with many children guessing correctly. In the end, two children tied with the most eggs. They found 22 eggs!

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