Sun, Sand, Sea!

This month’s theme is Sun, Sand, Sea! The children will be reviewing all the letters in language. For math, they will be learning the numbers 17, 18, 19, 20, and learning about square and triangle shapes. The colors for the month are red, white, and blue. On Friday July 10th the children had a Teddy Bear Picnic. The children had a great time bring their favorite stuffed animals to school. They also enjoyed watermelon as a refreshing afternoon snack!


The older children in the infant classroom had a great time finger painting with red and white paint. A little apprehensive at first as what they were supposed to do but once they figured it out, they laughed and played; creating beautiful artwork!

Collage 1

Dev. 1

The children in the one year old classroom had fun making a summertime collage. They also enjoyed playing in the sand making sandcastles!

Collage 2

Dev. 2

The children in Dev.2 did a special summertime cooking project. They used gummy rings and gummy bears and jello to make swimming pools.

Collage 15


Dev. 3A

The children in Dev. 3A did a science project about raisins. They learned that when grapes are left in the sun to dry out, they turn into raisins. The children observed how the green grapes turned a purple color after setting in the sun for a couple of days. A few days later, the grapes turned into raisins. They also learned that raisins get put into packages where they can be bought in the grocery store. They enjoyed the raisins from the grocery store for snack!

Collage 13 Collage 14

Dev. 3B

In the older 3 year old classroom, the children learned about cause and effect by doing a gummy bear science experiment. What will happen if we put a gummy bear in water? The children learned that the water would start to smell like candy! Will the gummy bear grow bigger in the water or get smaller? They learned that the longer the gummy bear stayed in the water, the smaller the gummy bear became. They observed over the course of a few days that the gummy turned into a gooey blob.

Collage 10

 Dev. 4

The children in Dev. 4 have been learning about different types of boats that travel in the ocean. From big ships to little sailboats. The children got a kick out of making footprint sailboats!

Collage 9