This month’s theme is transportation. The children will be learning the letters O, V, C, and M in language. For math, they will be learning the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and learning about hexagon, clover,  and oval shapes. The colors for the month are green, yellow and lime.  The classrooms have been busy learning about different types of transportation. From school buses to motorcycles, to planes and trains; we are sure to have covered them all! A big thank you to all the parents who brought treats for the St. Patrick’s Day parties.


The children have been learning the signs finished and ball in sign language. They have enjoyed playing with sensory bottles and discovering what is inside them. They have also enjoyed learning new songs about spring. They continue to work on and reach new developmental milestones everyday!

Collage 36

Dev. 1

The ones have been busy welcoming spring and embracing the warmer weather. Check out the cute ladybug footprints they made. They have been learning how to sign mom and dad in sign language. They are learning to count to 5 in English and Spanish! They also enjoyed listening to Dr. Seuss books in celebration of his birthday.

Collage 33

Dev. 2

The twos have been busy learning about hexagons. They have learned about the color green and are learning how to say in Spanish. They also have been enjoying the warmer weather and have been practicing their gross motor skills by kicking balls and riding tricycles! They have been learning the importance of manners at the table and have been practicing saying please and thank you.

Collage 41

Dev. 3A

Our young 3 year olds have been busy learning about traffic lights and what each color stands for.

Collage 31 Collage 32

They also had a lot of fun making their own water color paints. They learned that by mixing the colors yellow and blue, it turns into green. After making the water colors, they put the paint in the freezer. The next day, the children used the frozen paints on the sidewalk outside. They learned about cause and effect – as the paint thaws out and starts to melt, they can paint the sidewalk with it. They also had a simple lesson on solids, liquids, and gases. The children discovered that the paint was a liquid when they mixed the paints together with water. They then learned that the paint turned to a solid after it was frozen in the freezer. Finally, they learned that the paint turned into a gas as the paint dried on the sidewalk. Collage 21 Collage 22

Dev. 3B

The older 3 year olds have been learning AB patterns using different types of vehicles.  They had a blast learning about traffic lights and what the colors represent when they played red light, green light! They have been learning how to be responsible and clean up their toys when they are finished playing.

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Dev. 4

Our four and five year olds have been busy counting to 10 in French and learning the months of the year in Spanish. They have been working on using their words and using their problem solving skills to solve conflicts between themselves and friends. They have learned that it is important to work together and be a team player.They learned about safe driving and how you should always wear your seat belt. They talked about what a drivers license is and were excited to learn that one day they will have one!

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