We Are Family

This month the theme is families. The children will be learning the letters I, S, Q, and X in language. For math, they will be learning the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 and learning about triangle and heart shapes. The colors for the month are red and pink.  The classrooms have been busy learning about families and how each member of the family is important. Families can be big or small. Anyone can be apart of a person’s family, a family is love. The classrooms had a blast on Pajama Day where everyone dressed in their cutest pajamas! A big thank you to all the parents who brought treats for the Valentine’s Day parties.


The older infants have been busy practicing their fine motor skill by learning how to collage with Ms. Vicki. In sign language the are learning the signs cookie and juice. They also have been busy exploring and working on their developmental milestones.

Collage 6

Collage 30

Dev. 1

Our one year olds have been learning by using their five senses while designing their own Valentine’s Day cookies. They had a blast dancing around the classroom in their pajamas! From building castles out of blocks to pretending to be sailing in a box, the ones have been the happening place for sure!

Collage 19 Collage 18

Dev. 1 Pajama Party

Collage 16

Dev. 1 Valentine’s Day Party

Collage 23

Dev. 2

Our two year olds have been exploring using all five senses this month. Through finger painting, sensory tables, to listening to the sound of rain, there was never a dull moment in this classroom.

Collage 5

The children had a lot of fun drawing on the chalkboard wall. It’s not everyday someone tells you can color on the wall!

Collage 7

They also enjoyed designing their own Valentine’s Day cookies!

Collage 21Collage 22

Dev. 2 Pajama Party

Collage 17

Dev. 2 Valentine’s Day Party

Collage 25

Dev. 3A

Our young three year olds have been busy learning about Presidents Day. They enjoyed making a log cabin out of chocolate frosting and pretzel sticks. They have been learning about how to express themselves and about the different emotions that we have. They discussed families and how mommy and daddy love them so much!  They had fun making a Valentine’s Day craft for their parents, and were able to tell them how much they love them too.

Collage 28 Collage 29

Dev. 3A Valentine’s Day Party

Collage 24

 Dev. 3B

The older threes have been practicing writing and developing their fine motor skills. They have been discussing manners and practicing them throughout the day. They have excitedly shared stories about their family and who is in it. They even made special family trees that listed all of their loved ones.

Collage 31

 Dev. 3B Valentine’s Day Party

Collage 26

Dev. 3B Family Tree Project

Collage 38

Dev. 4

The four and five year olds have been having a blast this month! They enjoyed having a pajama party where everyone came to school dressed in their cutest jammies.

Collage 15

They practiced their fine motor skills by doing a group play dough activity. They learned the letter of the week by rolling the dough to form the letter. Afterwards they used their imaginations to create beautiful 3D sculptures!

Collage 3 Collage 2 Collage 1

 Dev. 4 Valentine’s Day Party

Collage 27